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West Virginia Home Insurance

Owning a home in West Virginia means buying a home insurance policy, especially if that home has a mortgage. But just because lenders require coverage doesn’t mean that a West Virginia home insurance policy has to be expensive. The key is knowing what type of insurance to buy, Shopping For West Virginia Home Insurancetips for lowering premiums, and finally shopping for multiple quotes. Fortunately shopping online makes that easy – in fact, to find the best home insurance companies in West Virginia, just click on the “Get Quotes” button below!

Factors Affecting West Virginia Home Insurance

Insurance companies use several different types of information to determine the rate to charge for each policy. Knowing what the primary elements are can help a homeowner insure they are getting the best coverage at the lowest rates:

  • Construction – Homes made of brick will cost less to insure than frame homes because brick is likely to suffer less damage during the most common incidents, like fire or windstorms.
  • Age – New homes, with new heating, plumbing and electrical systems represent a lower risk than older systems which could fail due to age.
  • Location – Is the home located in an area known for severe windstorms, tornadoes or winter weather?
  • Fire Protection – Having a fire station nearby lowers rates; even having a fire hydrant in the front yard can save money for consumers.

Types of West Virginia Home Insurance Policies

There are two primary coverage choices available for most homeowners policies – Replacement Cost and Actual Cash Value. Replacement cost provides the full amount of money needed to repair or replace the home, up to the value of the policy. Actual Cash Value deducts depreciation of the home or personal property from the replacement cost. While an Actual Cash Value policy costs less, it offers far less protection, so most insurance experts recommend spending the few extra dollars to buy Replacement Cost coverage.

Saving Money on West Virginia Home Insurance

There are many other ways to lower the cost of a policy, through discounts for a number of items most people would never consider! For example:

  • Non-Smoker Discount – Since statistically more fires occur in homes occupied by smokers, families without smokers get a break on rates.
  • Security Devices – Spending a few dollars on smoke detectors, fire extinguishers or dead bolt locks can make a difference on premiums.
  • Land Value – Even if something happens to the house, the land remains unaffected. Make sure the policy only covers the value of rebuilding the home or replacing the contents, and does not include the value of the land.
  • Remodeling – Replacing or upgrading the electrical, plumbing or heating systems results in lower rates.
  • Smart Pets – Some breeds of dogs affect home insurance rates since it covers liability for incidents occurring in the home. Think carefully before adding a Doberman, Pit Bull, or Rottweiler to the family.
  • Senior Discount – Seniors frequently spend more time at home and thus can prevent or limit damage.

The Best Way to Save on West Virginia Home Insurance

The absolute easiest way to reduce insurance premiums is by shopping around. Each insurance company bases rates on their experience in the region. Shopping around helps consumers find the company with the best experience and thus the lower rates. Fortunately it’s easy to get a bunch of free home insurance quotes. Start by clicking the “Get Quotes” button below. You’ll instantly receive a list of top West Virginia home insurance companies. Click on at least four and request a free quote. In no time you’ll have great home insurance coverage at the best rate possible. Don’t wait a minute longer – click “Get Quotes” now!



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