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Small Business Insurance

If you run a small business with two to fifty employees, you know the challenges of finding small business health insurance you and your employees can afford. Fortunately you’ve found Insurance-Rates-Online; we’ve made it easy to obtain quotes from insurance companies in your area that offer small business insurance.

Offering a good health insurance plan as part of your company benefit plan is an important way to attract and keep the best employees. In fact surveys have shown that an employee health care program is one of the top factors in accepting a new position. As a small business owner, you’ll also benefit personally by participating in a group health insurance plan because the rates will be less expensive than purchasing an individual plan for you and your family.

Every state requires employers to contribute 25-50% of the cost of their employee health insurance plan, but the great news is that employer contributions are generally 100% tax deductible. You may also be able to reduce payroll taxes. Employees can also pay their share of the premiums with pre-tax dollars. Consult your accountant for the specific rules in your area.

As you prepare to shop for the right small business health insurance plan for your organization, you’ll have a choice between HMO, PPO, POS and even HSA plans. Premium costs and coverage can vary greatly by plan type and provider, so make sure you compare everything before making your final decision. For additional ways to lower insurance rates, consult our Insurance Shopping Tips center.

To obtain a small business health insurance quote, you’ll need the following information:

  • Employee information, including date of birth and gender for both the employee and their dependents
  • Company inception date
  • Start date of coverage
  • Desired deductible levels
  • Percentage of premium the company will pay

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