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Motorcycle Insurance Shopping Tips

Ways To Save Money On Motorcycle Insurance

Whether you have a tricked-out Harley or an old Yamaha, you can still save money on motorcycle insurance.  Keep these points in mind as you compare insurance quotes.

Raise the Deductible
Increasing the deductible level can have the greatest impact on motorcycle insurance rates.  Just remember you have to be able to afford the out-of-pocket amount in case of a claim, so don’t make the deductible higher than you can afford.

Keep Your Bike Safe
Everything you do to protect your motorcycle can help reduce your insurance cost.  So add a security alarm and an immobilizer, and park your motorcycle in the most secure place possible each night. 

Ride Hard, Ride Safe
A good driving record, both on two and four wheels, will keep your insurance rates low.  So avoid tickets, especially moving violations.  In fact, if you do remain accident free for five years, you may qualify for accident forgiveness, which means that even if you have an at-fault accident you won’t get a surcharge on your premium.

New Rider, Old Rider
Mature drivers will benefit from better rates, but regardless of age, if you’re a new rider, you’ll pay more until you prove you’re a safe rider.  Whether you’re a rookie or experienced, you’ll still like the discount available once you complete a safety riding class, available from organizations such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation or ABATE.

Before You Buy That New Ride
Though the initial purchase price may be similar, insurance rates are more likely to reflect the number of cc’s.  Faster motorcycles may incur a higher premium than slower models.  Adding turbo or a nitrous tank will also raise your rates.  Once you’ve decided on the new model, make sure you can afford the insurance that goes along with it. 

Owning More Than One Motorcycle
If you own more than one motorcycle, the insurance rates on the second should be discounted, reflecting a multi-cycle discount.  You may also be able to combine your motorcycle policy with your car policy and/or home policy to save even more.

Who You Ride With Matters
Ask for an association discount if you belong to a motorcycle rider’s organization.  For example, you may pay less if you are a member of the American Motorcycle Association, Harley Owners Group, Gold Wing Riders Association or ABATE.

Work With the Insurance Company
There are many little things you can do to lower your quotes.

  • When first offered an insurance policy, review the itemized coverage section closely to see if there are any unnecessary inclusions.
  • Confirm that you’ve received any special rates based on annual mileage; if you just ride on weekends this could be a great way to save money.
  • Discounts may be available if you are transferring to a new insurance company, or renewing with your current one.
  • Make sure your new provider knows that you previously qualified for insurance – after you’ve been approved once, it’s easier to qualify the next time.
  • Live in a climate where you can’t ride in the winter?  Then reduce coverage off-season and save.
  • Be very clear about who rides and who doesn’t.  Don’t list someone who doesn’t ride as a driver, but make sure that the insurance company has a complete list of anyone who does or they may not be covered.
  • Be honest about any customization you’ve done.  List the non-OEM items on your policy.  Though the rider may add to the cost of your policy, it will still be less than the replacement cost.
  • Make sure that your driving record is accurate.  Incorrect information about things like tickets or accidents could raise your motorcycle insurance quotes.

Absorb Small Claims
When repair costs are just a little more than your deductible, try to pay for it yourself instead of filing a claim, and save the insurance for a big claim.  Ultimately you’ll get that money back through lower rates in subsequent years.

Shop Around
Quotes can vary widely from company to company, so take a few minutes to check out several insurance rates online.  Thanks to the internet, and sites like, it’s easy to do!


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