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Auto Insurance Shopping Tips

Finding Auto Insurance That
Won't Break Your Budget

If your goal is to find cheap car insurance, Insurance-Rates-Online can help you do just that.  There are many easy things you can do to lower your auto insurance costs.  As you shop for automobile insurance quotes, keep these tips in mind and enjoy the savings.

Higher Deductibles
The easiest way to save on car insurance is to raise your deductible levels to the highest you can afford.  A higher deductible means that your risk increases and the insurance company’s risk decreases.  Do this on both your comprehensive and your collision deductible.  Most people choose the $500 deductible, but if you can afford $1000, you’ll notice a real difference in your insurance rates.

Shop Around Annually
It only takes a few minutes to get an online auto insurance quote, but doing so could save you literally hundreds of dollars.  Can you think of a better way to make so much money for a little bit of work?

Multiple Vehicle Discount
If you have more than one vehicle, you should receive a lower rate on the cost of insuring the second vehicle.  Better still, with some insurance companies, the second vehicle can even be a motorcycle!

Keep Your Driving Record Clean
Don’t speed.  In fact, try not to get any tickets at all, especially moving violations. Having a clean record of three years or more makes you an excellent risk for an insurance company, which in turn lowers your premiums.

Multiple Policy Discounts
If you also own a house, or even rent an apartment, get a quote for combined coverage with the same company.  This should result in a rate reduction.  Some companies will also give you a discount on other policies like life insurance. 

Have Good Credit
Many companies, but not all, will offer lower rates based on a higher credit score, which is another good reason to shop around before selecting a policy.  If you have a ticket or accident, your good credit rating could help either counter an increase in rates with your current company, or make finding a new company much easier.

Ask About Discounts
Insurance companies offer discounts for a variety of reasons, and you may be eligible right now and not even know it.  Don’t be afraid to ask, no matter how remote the chance.

  • Low mileage discount – if you don’t drive many miles each year, you should pay less for coverage.
  • Professional and club memberships – belonging to a group such as AARP or an alumni association, a trade organization or union, or a myriad of other groups could affect rates.
  • Defensive driving courses – taking additional drivers training, especially if you’re a senior, will save you money.
  • Cash discount – some insurance companies will charge you less if you pay up front, instead of on an installment plan.  If you can afford it, you will save.

Good Student Discounts
Do your teenagers or college students have a good grade point average?  If so, this can help balance the higher cost of including under-25 drivers on your policy, because good students tend to drive better and are a lower risk.

Know What You’re Buying
Check each policy proposal carefully, eliminating any extra coverage which is not needed.  Towing and rental coverage only costs a few dollars, but can be extremely useful, so consider carefully before cutting those from a policy.  Check your state’s requirements to determine if medical coverage may also be necessary.

Consider Your Choice in Cars
Before you buy that sweet sports car, make sure you’ve saved up for the extra insurance cost too.  Choosing an auto that is less likely to get stolen or less expensive to repair can help you save on your insurance.  Cars equipped with certain features like anti-lock brakes, airbags, or daytime running lights can put even more money in your pocket.

Older Car Considerations
Check the blue book value of your current automobile.  In some cases, the cost of premiums for collision insurance exceeds the amount you would receive on a claim.

Keep Your Insurance Company Informed
If you get married, change jobs, or buy a new vehicle, make sure to notify your insurance company immediately.  Though some of these changes could increase your rates, that’s still better than not having the coverage you need in time of crisis.

Start Saving
Now that you know how to find inexpensive car insurance, enter your zip code now, and find the coverage you need.

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