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Georgia Auto Insurance

Whether you live in Atlanta, Macon, or Savannah, it’s important for you to find the best rates on Georgia auto insurance.  After all, you can come up with much better ways to spend the extra money than using it to pay for insurance premiums!  But with so many different auto insurance companies in Georgia, where do you begin?  That’s where comes in – we’ll give you the information you need to find the auto insurance coverage you want at a great price.

Minimum Georgia Auto Insurance Requirements

The state of Georgia has minimum requirements for liability insurance which you must carry to legally drive.  That includes bodily injury liability coverage of $25,000 per individual and $50,000 per incident, plus $25,000 in property damage liability coverage.

While that’s all you need to drive within the state, if you have any assets at all, you should consider purchasing a higher amount, like $100,000 per individual and $300,000 per incident, plus $100,000 in property damage liability.  That is because if you cause an accident, and the bills exceed your low coverage amount, you are financially liable for the difference.  It is much cheaper in the long run to pay a little extra for auto liability insurance coverage than to risk losing everything you’ve worked so hard for in an instant.

Shopping for Auto Insurance in Georgia

As you apply to auto insurance companies in Georgia for free quotes, it’s important to know the things they will consider to determine the rates they’ll offer you.  The most critical factors include
  • Driving Record – Be honest about any tickets or accidents you or any other drivers in your household have been involved in, especially within the last three years.  The insurance company will find out anyway, so it’s better to spill the beans up front.  Besides, if the company issues you a policy then discovers you were dishonest within the first sixty days of coverage, they do have the right to cancel the policy.
  • Credit Scores – Statistics have shown that individuals with good credit not only are conscientious about paying their bills, they are also better drivers. 
  • Average Mileage Per Year – Is your commute to work long or short?  Normally the less you drive, the lower your premium.
  • Vehicle – If your car is a sensible family sedan, rather than a sassy sports car, you can count on lower car insurance rates.  When you buy a new car, the best options you can choose are the safety oriented ones, such as electronic stability control and side air bags.

Our Insurance Shopping Tips center has great ideas on saving money on auto insurance to help you keep your rates low.

Optional Georgia Car Insurance Coverage

While you are only required to carry liability insurance, it’s also smart to purchase other types of auto insurance coverage to make sure that you’re protected in case of an accident.  This includes:
  • Comprehensive insurance – covers losses due to theft, vandalism, fire etc.
  • Collision insurance – this will repair your vehicle if an accident is your fault. 
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance – though everyone is supposed to have insurance, we all know that many people are driving out there without it.  This will pay for medical bills and damage repair if the person responsible doesn’t have insurance coverage.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) – pays for medical bills if you are in an accident, regardless of fault.  If you have good health insurance coverage, you probably won’t need PIP, but since the cost is usually low, it may be a good idea for extra protection.

For More Information

Contact the Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner at 800-656-2298 or visit their website at

Time to Start Comparing Georgia Auto Insurance Rates

Now that you know what you need and want, the next step is to compare rates from Georgia automobile insurance companies.  It’s easy to get free quotes from companies in your area.  Just enter your zip code in the box below, and you’ll be matched with Georgia car insurers offering coverage in your area in seconds.


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